Maryhill Sculpture Garden

Everyone who visits or stays in the Columbia River Gorge for even a short while will discover something special, a personal secret to carry away and treasure forever.  The longer you’re here the more secrets you’ll discover and the more life-changing the secrets become.

Psst! One secret? The second largest collection of Auguste Rodin artwork on the West Coast of the United States is located at Maryhill Museum of Art near Goldendale, WA!

Psst! Another secret? Near Maryhill Museum, the only full-scale replica of the original Stonehenge in North America is a memorial to fallen WWI warriors. It also makes a uniquely stunning setting and backdrop for spontaneous musical or dramatic presentations.

Use our maps to help you find out-of-the-way artist studios, hidden museum secrets, never-imagined history and heritage experiences, galleries, performances, tours of discovery and art installations of inner discovery.

Another secret? The famous Indian petroglyph “She Who Watches”, traces a human history in the Gorge that is 10,000 years old. You can get a guided tour of similar pictographs and petroglyphs at Columbia Hills State Park.

Our maps will help you discover your own secrets and begin a lifetime of discovery that will bring you back to the Gorge again and again.  We’ve developed a printable Gorge Secrets Map with a number of specially selected highlights to help guide you.  Our online maps have a much more extensive selection of important art, culture and heritage sites.


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