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Writing and designing creatively certainly have their place in making an effective website posting, whether it’s an article, event, or an information page.  But here are some fundamentals that will help make any posting more effective and interesting:

  • Be brief, concise, and clear in your message.  Most people won’t bother to read a long article that goes on for pages, regardless of how interesting the subject may be.  This page may be too long but it’s necessary.
  • Keep paragraphs short and to the point.  Paragraphs in most news articles rarely have more than 2-3 sentences, and the breaks and white-space between paragraphs are more visually inviting than long unbroken paragraphs.
  • Generally address Who, What, and Why in those descriptive short paragraphs; this is where creative writing becomes important.  Think about Why the reader would be interested.  If the posting is part of a longer series, relate it to the larger process… ‘How is this post about wheel design important to building a racecar?’.

Electric Car Steering

In our three-wheeled vehicle designed to be steered by a single, motor-driven front wheel, the placement and alignment of the motor and steering shaft is critical for steering and stability.  If the angle is too shallow the wheel will “flop” whenever the vehicle is not going straight ahead.

• The Where, When, and How Much can be said in a series of compact, very specific statements. Hint: A line-break (shift-Enter) instead of a paragraph-break(Enter) avoids spaces between lines.
When: Nov. 13, 5:30 pm (line-break)
Where: Hood River Library, 502 State St, Hood River, OR (line-break)
Cost: $5/person donation requested (paragraph-break)

• Try to include relevant images interspersed with the text.  Typically keep the images relatively small but clear, alternate the images from side to side, and avoid too much overlap.  The final page should not appear crowded. 

How-To Insert an Image

To add an image, place the cursor in front of the text you want the image beside, then click the  icon (above the text toolbar).  That will open a dialog box where you can 1)upload an image from your computer, 2)use the URL of an image on the internet, or 3)select a “Media” image that has been previously uploaded.  

In the next dialog you can add a caption, place the image relative to the insertion point in the text, select the initial size of the image in the post (generally use Small or Medium), change the hyperlink address connected to the image (default is the original image, but it can point to a page or even another website), then be sure to Insert into Post.

You can later adjust the size, placement, caption, and hyperlink by 1)clicking on the image, and 2)clicking the picture icon that appears, or 3)delete the image.