Released – ‘Hear in the Gorge’ Podcast #2 on the Crag Rats

The 2nd Hear in the Gorge podcast on the Crag Rats, the oldest Mountain Rescue Team in the Country, has been released. You can listen to it (AVAILABLE HERE), the podcast on Yasuis and a few other gems on Soundcloud, OR click the podcast button on your smartphone, search for Hear in the Gorge and subscribe to hear all of these powerful podcasts as they are released. They are produced by the wonderful and talented Sarah Fox.

In the summer of 2013 a father and son set out on their first camping trip together. They did what millions of people do every year and headed to Mt. Hood. For the 10-year old boy, it was a dream come true and he was prepared, but then the trip took a turn they never saw coming. In this episode we hear from two Crag Rats and the father of the boy, to learn just what happens when things go wrong in the wilderness. 

Hear in the Gorge is a new series of radio-documentary styled podcasts that delve into the stories unique to the Gorge: the experience of the region’s Japanese American residents during World War II, the Crag Rats – oldest mountain rescue team in the country, Woodie Guthrie’s Columbia River Songs, and tribal life at in-lieu sites along the river. The podcasts highlight archival audio, as well as storytelling from locals and experts, creating gripping and moving nonfiction narratives about the Columbia River Gorge and its heritage. New podcasts are released the third Thursday of every month May-August. 

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