Introducing “Hear in the Gorge” Podcast Series

“Hear in the Gorge” is an audio podcast companion to the Gorge Owned (GO!) acclaimed “Sense of Place” lecture series. We’ve taken lectures that captured hearts and minds and delved deeper into these meaningful stories, creating some of the most gripping and moving narrative nonfiction stories about the Columbia River Gorge and its heritage that we’ve ever heard.

The 2017 Hear in the Gorge season, which includes stories about Japanese Americans in wartime, mountain rescue team the Crag Rats, and Woodie Guthrie’s Columbia River Songs, will launch this spring. GO! is proud to offer this exclusive preview of what our talented producer Sarah Fox has been working on.

The full podcasts will begin debuting in May.

We’re beyond thrilled about this first foray into the 21st century world of podcasts. For those unfamiliar with podcasts, this relatively new media platform is much like any radio program you might currently enjoy. But instead of being bound to a broadcast schedule, you can cue up a podcast on your phone, computer, or tablet anytime you want— while you’re gardening, on your commute, while you cook dinner— whenever you want to escape into good storytelling.

“Hear in the Gorge” is a collaborative project of several organizations including Gorge Owned, Columbia Gorge Arts & Culture Alliance, Columbia Gorge Tourism Alliance, with a bevy of sponsors including Travel Oregon, Portland Spirit Cruises and Events, Riverside and Bridgeside Best Western Hotels, Maryhill Museum, Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, Wet Planet, and Mt Adams Chamber of Commerce.

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