An Improvisational View into our Past

December 13, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
Columbia Center for the Arts
$5-$10 suggested donation
GO! Sense of Place

Sense of Place History Slam: An Improvisational View into our Past with Arthur Babitz and Scott Cook

Textbooks usually present history as an ordered set of facts which build a neat narrative. But real history is messy and largely unknowable. An incomplete record doesn’t allow for certainty, and the human desire for a good story can leave a record which is more entertainment than fact.

Join Gorge Owned on Wednesday, December 13 at Columbia Center for the Arts as we welcome local favorites Arthur Babitz and Scott Cook. The evening will feature a collection of this dynamic duo’s favorite subjects, with a focus not only on what they know, but how they came to know it. This event will be improvisational, challenging each other and taking audience requests. They will focus on local, perhaps familiar subjects but offer new insights as well.

Both speakers have approached local history with an inquisitive but skeptical eye, and have found much of what is passed down as history is made up of unsupported reminiscences. Both speakers like to dive deep into a story, searching for evidence and corroboration. Scott specializes in finding physical traces of the past which have survived to the modern era. Arthur specializes in finding documentation, including photographic evidence and period newspapers. They often compare notes, share sources, and debate the finer points of the distant past.

Arthur Babitz is an electrical engineer, a former mayor of Hood River and an amateur historian. He is currently helping the History Museum of Hood River County digitize and organize its collection of photographic images. He is also author of the popular photoblog

Scott Cook has been a Hood River resident for 20 years. He’s written the popular locals’ outdoor guidebook Curious Gorge, as well as outdoor guidebooks to Bend, Portland, and New Zealand. Scott has a special curiosity and fascination with visual remnants of Gorge history and the intriguing stories that often hide behind the visible ruins, rust and relics. Someday he hopes to write a guidebook detailing how and where to explore for yourself these fascinating bits of Gorge history.

Event Details:
GO Sense of Place
When – Wednesday, December 13, 7PM
Where -Columbia Center for the Arts, Hood River Oregon
Cost – $5-$10 suggested donation
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